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Saturday - December 20, 2008

WASHINGTON COUNTY PAF USER GROUP December 2008 Membership Meeting
WELCOME: ........................................................... Fran Lightner - President Welcome extended to all present, particularly Barbara Sherratt, who just turned 100 yrs. Young, and Seletta Pritcher, who is 94 yrs and holding.
PRESENTATIONS: ...............................................................Fran Lightner
! Barbara Sherratt and Seletta Pritcher were presented with a LifeTime Membership Award and Corsage. The ladies were asked to tell of some of their genealogical experiences: Barbara was a charter member of the User Group, a member for 17 years. She told of her experience at the FHL
and questioned why the FGR could not be printed in Portrait as well as Landscape It wasn’t long before it was ..... We will hereafter call her the ‘Portrait/Landscape’ Lady. Seletta is also a long time member of approximately 16 years. She enjoys futhering family histories and is encouraging her family members to do likewise.
! Curt and Denece Larsen were honored with a Gift Certificate for all there work and service to the group. They are greatly appreciated for all they do and have done throughout the years for the group. Curt, also a charter member has served many capacities over the years: President, Vice-President, Membership Chair, Board Member. Denece is currently the Editor of the Newsletter and has been involved in so doing for about 15 years.
! Bob and Elaine Booth were also honored with a Gift Certificate for all their support and service to our group. They have served in many capacities including being presenters many time throughout their years of membership. Bob is the computer specialist and has been a great help to all of us when problems arise in the software as well as the hardware of our computers.. Bob and Elaine are currently the Directors of the Regional Family History Training Center.
! Connie Stewart, the Vice President of our group, presented a Gift Certificate to Fran Lightner, our President, for all the support and service she has given as President these past three years. We will miss her! Fran commented on her years as President and told of meeting Bob and Elaine at an Olympic Meeting for volunteers and it was the beginning of their friendship and her interest in the PAF User Group began.
. REPORTS: ............................................................... Fran Lightner " The Board Members were each introduced: Vice President: Connie Stewart Treasurer: Ron Coleman Secretary: June Morton Membership Curt Larsen Publicity Marilyn Rohrer Set-Up Curt Rohrer Education Gail Deck
Board Members at Large Mike Jensen Bob Kroff Dwight Seamons Becky Carol Max Turpin Deb Warren
Fran Thanked the board for their help in bringing to the membership interesting presentations and items to help us learn more about the use of our computers and helps to further our genealogical research. She noted that at times we did not always understand the presenters message but as time passed and we needed that information for a project ..... it was a “Oh Yes”, I remember!
. All members are welcome to attend the Board Meetings which are held the Wednesday before the Saturday Membership Meeting. The meeting is held in the Morningside Stake Center, 9th South and River Rd., YM/YW Room at 5:15 p.m. . Fran listed all the classes that were held in 2008, a copy of which is attached to the archival minutes. . It was noted that a Techno Minute was begun in 2008 but due to the fact is was never a “minute” the name was changed to Techno Time. . The name of our used group was discussed and thoughts of changing the name have been tabled. Instead we will head the name of the WC-PAFUG with the words .... FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY. . A new projector screen was purchased this year which has been an added benefit to the presentations. . Audit of 2008 financial records will be performed at the end of business, 31 December 2008 and presented to the Board at the January 2009 meeting. . Max Turpin and Fran Lighnter are participating in entering information onto the Internet regarding cemetery records in Washington County. Volunteers are need to help with this project. Pictures of local tombstones need to be taken as well. . The organization needed a physical address for mail received, we therefore have rented a P.O. Box at the UPS Office on River Rd. which also gives us a street address for needed state information. . A few of the members enjoyed a Cruise to the Mexican Rivera in February. There were 12 hours of classes held given by Bob and Elaine Booth, Fran Lightner, and Gail Deck. There were some problems with the ship, nevertheless fun was had by all. . Cruise is planned for June of 2009 to Alaska. Hope all will be able to join us. . It was noted that dues for the year 2009 are now due and payable. Ron is here today to accept all monies. Annual family membership will remain at $12.00 per year. If you desire a copy of the newsletter to be mailed to you via USPS, annual membership has been increased to $17.00 to cover cost of postage. NOMINATIONS: Marilyn Rohrer of the Nominating Committee ..... Debbie Warren was unable to attend today but helped in contacting most of the membership via phone. The membership was asked a series of questions regarding performance of the user group for this year with favorable comments.
Those chosen by the Nominating committee for the year 2009 are as follows:
President: Connis Stewat Vice President: Bob Kroff Treasurer: Ron Coleman Secretary: June Morton Publicity Marilyn Rohrer Set Up Curt Rohrer
Board Members-at-Large Max Turpin Dwight Seamons Fran Lightner Pat Foster
Membership was asked for additional nominations from the floor. No response. Vote was called for from the membershp The above Board was Accepted by unanimous vote of the membership present.
CLOSING PRAY AND BLESSING ON THE FOOD: ................................... Max Turpin
PRESENTATIONS: !Bob Booth .... Director of the Regional Family History Training Center. Presentation consisted of what ‘nickname’ goes with the resident or native of our 50 states .... Was fun to hear all the comments. Bob then went through a list of Recommended Steps for Finding Completed Ordinances and then submitting the names for Temple Work ...... list is attached to the archival minutes. He also went through a list of Recommended Classes for Beginners at the St. George RFHTC. This list is also attached to the archival minutes. Bob introduced an Electronic Research Log which can be placed on your desktop, with examples of information found and then copies into the folder created on the desktop. We were shown the updated Internet Site for the RFHTC: We scrolling through any of the tabs available. It was also noted that the following software programs are now available for use at the Center: Ancestral Quest, Roots Magic and Legacy ... plus many other new programs such as AniMap, Family Atlas, Personal Historial and soon to come FamilyInsight.
.Photo Story from Microsoft Imaging and Movie Maker in Windows XP was used to view the pictures of taken during our 2008 meetings ..... Thanks to Fran! CLASS SCHEDULE: !January 2009 – Becky Carroll will again do a presentation on how to create a Blog !February 2009 - Bob Kroff will be presenting “The Best of Uncle Verle.” !March 2008 – To Be Scheduled.
FOOD TIME: Bon’ Apetite
Food was wonderful and all enjoyed the socializing. Thank you all for bringing your favorites.
GIFTS and PRIZES .....
Many WONDERFUL GIFTS were distributed to those present ..... A complete listing attached to the archival minutes .... Many Thanks to Marilyn and Curt Rohrer for their Christmas Spirit and Choices.
June Morton .... Secretary

Saturday - December 20, 2008 Meeting

Sunday, December 7, 2008

2008 Board Members

Washington County

PAF Users Group

Board - 2008

Genealogical Codicil to My Last Will and Testament

Genealogical Codicil to My Last Will and Testament

To my spouse, children, guardian, administrator and/or executor.

Upon my demise it is requested that you DO NOT dispose of any or all of my genealogical records, both those prepared personally by me and those records prepared by others which may be in my posceeson, incluing but not limited to books, files, notebooks or computer programs for a period of two years.

During this time period, please attempt to identify one or more persons who would be willing to take custody of the said materials and the responsibility of maintaining and continuing the family histories. (If you know whom within the family or friends are likely candidates to accept these matierals, please add the following at this point: "I suggest that the persons contacted regarding the assumption of the custody of these items include but not limited to" ...and then list the names of those individuals at this point, with their addresses and telephone numbers if known).

In the event you do not find anyone to accept these materiasl please contact the various genealogical organizations that I have been a member of and determine if they will accept some parts or all of my genealogical materials. (List organizations, addresses and phone numbers at bottom, include local chapters, with their addresses, phone numbers and contact persons if available as well as state/national contact information and addresses).

Please remember that my genealogival endevers consumed a great deal of time, travel and money. Therefore, it is my desire that the products of these endeavors be allowed to continue in a manner that will make them available to others in the future.

Signature _______________________________________ Date ______________
Witness _______________________________________ Date ______________
Witness _______________________________________ Date ______________

December 2008 Informtion

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday - December 20, 2008.
This is our annual business meeting and election of officers.
Bob and Elaine Booth are newly called as Directors at the Regional Family History Center. Bob will be our presenter and will enlighten us as to the what's happening at the Regional Family Center.
This is also the meeting to bring your favorite finger food and goodies to share. Prizes will be given out.

January 17, 2009 will start our year off with Becky Carroll doing a follow-up class on 'Blog's.' Becky would like to help everyone who would like a Blog to be able to set one up. If you want to have your own Blog, or are need help on a blob you already have, come and get Becky's help.

February 21, 2009 our presentor will be Bob Kroff, bringing Uncle Verle back. Uncle Verle's 'Life in a Box' video has shown what we can do to preserve and present our family information. Come, enjoy and learn from Bob's presentation

November 15, 2008 Meeting

Lida Larkin presentation included many explanations and stories that were a delight. If you missed this meeting do sign up for her newsletter and ask for a handout from Lida at:
Our presenters have done a tremendous job in bringing so much information to us. In 2008 we have had - organization - computer & internet security - research sites - Crash Course in Family History - computer questions and answers - breaking thru stonewall problems - how to set up your own Blog - catching up on what's going on at the Regional Family History Center - using flash drives. Wow..... we did learn alot!
Please remember our Saturday meetings, mark your calendar and plan to attend.