Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009 Saturday Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will be held on Saturday, June 20, 2009. Paul Larsen will be presenting his new book, "Crash Course in Genealogy" Paul's books are great help and we expect this new book will have helpful information for this day in Family History and Genealogy.
Come, join us and see what you can learn!

Saturday, May 21, 2009 Meeting

General Announcements: Pat Foster is the new Treasurer. Pat will be available at our monthly Saturday meetings to take your membership dues. Thanks Pat!

Our THANKS to Ron Coleman, who asked to be reassigned. Ron has served for the Treasurer for 3-years and we have appreciated all the work her has done keeping the Users Group finances in order. Ron has now taken the responsibility of Education Chairperson. Ron has a great deal of experience with Family History/Genealogy and will be great in helping the Users Group organize our monthly meeting presentations.

Cemetery Project - we are seeking volunteers to help transcribe information and take pictures of the MANY cemeteries he have in Washington County. Please call Max Turpin - 674-9204 or Fran Lightner - 688-1260 We can also use help in clipping obituaries out of the newspaper and putting them on the Cemetery website. This can be done in your home. Contact Fran if you can help with this.

Website - We are still working on the website. It is a slow process, but take a look where you can read monthly class minutes and up-coming class schedules. If you have any suggestions for the site give Fran a call - 688-1260.

RootsMagic4, our presentation in April, is the first software affiliate product that is certified to reserve and submit ancestral names to temples to print LDS temple name cards using new FamilySearch Web services. Congrats and Good Work RootsMagic4!

For more info on RootsMagic4 go to:

Allen Forsyth gave our presentation on - Personal Computer Safety. Allen started us off by saying "Always Be On Guard - and, Just Don't Click". Allen's class certainly gave us some moments of feeling like we can't possibly keep all of these 'BUGS' off of our computers. But continued on by giving11 steps to protect our computers. Lots of information was given to help us each do what we can to keep our information safe. Thanks Allen!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bruce Buzbee presents RootsMagic4 - Bruce Buzbee, founder and president of RootsMagic opened his presentation with the introduction to the RootsMagic4 Tutorial. You can look at this tutorial at -
Bruce said that RootsMagic is in the process of adding video tutorials showing RootsMagic 4's integration with New FamilySearch. Here are some screenshots of RootsMagic 4's New FamilySearch features. Links to the following items: Importing your information from PAF: Matching your date with New FamilySearch: Exchanging information (syncking) with New FamilySearch: FamilySearch Central: One-click Temple Status: Ordinance Reservation: Creating a Temple Trip.
You can also check out -
You can preview RootsMagic4 at -
RootsMagic4 is currently ready to work with the New FamilySearch.
A great presentation and information was given. We appreciate Bruce coming to give updated infromation on RootsMagic4!