Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bruce Buzbee presents RootsMagic4 - Bruce Buzbee, founder and president of RootsMagic opened his presentation with the introduction to the RootsMagic4 Tutorial. You can look at this tutorial at -
Bruce said that RootsMagic is in the process of adding video tutorials showing RootsMagic 4's integration with New FamilySearch. Here are some screenshots of RootsMagic 4's New FamilySearch features. Links to the following items: Importing your information from PAF: Matching your date with New FamilySearch: Exchanging information (syncking) with New FamilySearch: FamilySearch Central: One-click Temple Status: Ordinance Reservation: Creating a Temple Trip.
You can also check out -
You can preview RootsMagic4 at -
RootsMagic4 is currently ready to work with the New FamilySearch.
A great presentation and information was given. We appreciate Bruce coming to give updated infromation on RootsMagic4!