Saturday, July 11, 2009

Third Edition of Crash Course in Family History now available.

Unforeseen delays from the printer delayed the arrival of this book, but the book is now available at your local bookstore. The cost is $34.95.
I just received my copy of Paul Larsen's Third Edition of 'Crash Course in Family History' and sat down to look through the pages. WOW, so much information and so many pages got my attention, and I finally took out a pad of Post-it-notes and started sticking them on pages.
I took an afternoon to go through the entire book and each time I'd come across an area I wanted to check out better I had to tell myself to mark it and move on. Well, 15 sticky notes later I now need to decide where to start.
"Using a computer and the Internet has taken research to such a level in searching information, but with so many sites and ways to go it can just become overwhelming. 'Crash Course in Family History, Third Edition, gives us pages and pages to help us".
Shanna Jones reviewed this book in the Senior Sampler, July 10, 2009 issue, and said, "......If you are serious about learning how to do family history, this is the book for you. The book is a great resource directory for everyone interested in genealogy and family history work, expert and novice alike. It contains up-to-date information for connecting to your ancestors using today's technology."
EasyFamilyHistory,com said, "The companion website is also available to help stay current with all of the new web sites launched regularly, and the new tools and technologies that are taking place in family history everyday".
We recommend you take a look!