Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 19, 2009 Annual Meeting

Our December meeting will be held on Saturday, December 19th. This is our annual meeting to handle all necessary business, and nominating and election of officers and board members.

All are invited to attend and guests are welcome. It's time to visit and enjoy each others company.

Don't forget to bring your favorite finger food.

We will show a video presentation on the Users Group in the year 2009.

Great year thanks to Connie, Bob, Ron, June, Max, Pat, Marilyn, Helen, Russ, Curt and Fran, the officers and board members.

We've had another year of wonderful classes with great presenters. A BIG THANK YOU to all the board members who got this all organized by inviting our presenters to share their individual knowledge on computer security - research - various software information - cleaning up our files both on our computers and in our drawers and boxes, or even on the floor! We revisited 'Uncle Verl', information on the newFamilySearch, a Crash Course in Genealogy, and learning how to 'Break down brick walls'

Our web site is up and running. It is still a 'work in progress', but we are making that progress.
Take a look at: wcpafug.org - or google Washington County PAF Users Group.

Our big THANK YOU to Russ Bateman for the many hours he has spent working on this site.

The Washington County Cemetery Project is on-going. Gathering obituaries and putting those on the web site on the grave site information; Gathering pictures and histories to also be added to the grave site information.

We are continuing our work on the Cemetery Project and would appreciate volunteers coming on-board to help get this work done. The data entry is done in your home, on your computer and you can put in whatever amount of time you have available.

Going out to the cemeteries takes more effort - taking pictures of grave stones. Again, going when you have the time available.

Max Turpin is also been working on getting local information on 'Find-A-Grave' and co-ordination to the area cemeteries.

If you can volunteer to help us on this please contact: Fran Lightner 688-1260. Or, email at: jflightner@skyviewmail.com.