Saturday, February 6, 2010

Montly Meeting - Saturday, January 16, 2010

President Connie Stewart Welcomed all those attending today's meeting and introduced our meeting Presenter - Robert Kroff and is presentation: An Overview of Four Genealogical Programs which interface with newFamilySearch. PAF and FamilyInsight, RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest and Legacy.
Robert Kroff - is a retired Teacher/Administrator from the Tooele School District. While employed in the District Office in the Tooele School District, he was Teacher Trainer and traveled Utah and Idaho presenting skills in teaching. He taught and was principal at Hurricane Middle School in the early 70's and owned a Grocery Store in Springdale, adjacent to Zion National Park. Bob and his wife, Carol, are currently serving a Mission at the St. George Large Multi-Stake Family History Center. He has a special interest in personal histories....Remembering Uncle Verl, was an eye opener for all of us...Personal Journals are important! And, of course, we all know that Bob is currently serving as Vice-President of our Washington County PAF Users Group.
Bob's presentation included: A comparison of the main screens of the four programs.
Websites for each of the four programs that interface with new.FamilySearch: FamilyInsight - RootsMagic - Ancestral Quest - Legacy -
All four of these genealogical software's have free trials and there are tutorials available.
All four of these software's can be viewed and used at the St. George Large Multi-Stake Family History Center at 410 South 200 East, St. George. Classes on each of these products are offered to help learn how to more effectively use the program.
Bob added that PAF is 'Not Dead' and is not going away, however it will not be updated to include all the bells and whistles some of the other programs have. You can us FamilyInsight with PAF and it will interface very well with PAF and
Thanks Bob for this very good and helpful presentation as we move forward in our genealogy/family history.
A drawing was held for prizes and the meeting was adjourned.