Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday - July 17th, 2010

PAF Users Group Monthly Meeting - President Connie Stewart was out of town, and Fran Lightner began the meeting by welcoming those in attendance.

A special welcome to new members Roger & Carene Jordan, and visitor Lawrence Turtschi.

(Just a reminder - all meetings of the WC-PAF-Users Group are open to the public whether members of the group of not.)

Fran explained that Julie Hammons, today's scheduled presenter, was unable to attend due to an injury to her wrist. Julie's class will be reschedule so what for that date. We hope for Julie's speedy recovery!

Members were notified of the cancellation via email on Wednesday evening, July 14th.

Opening prayer was given by Betty Lewis Knaak.

June Morton prepared and presented a Question and Answer presentation. THANK YOU June for preparing such a great presentation on short notice!

At the very beginning we had a question regarding Shanna Jones' recent article in the Senior Sampler regarding BRANCHES...thought to be a Google program.

A new Windows genealogy program called BRANCHES is like having Google Earth for your genealogy. You can see all the people and all the data in your database on one screen and then zoom down to see the detail, even a signature on a birth certificate. And you can also see all relationships.

Within just a few minutes, you can be doing everything in BRANCHES that you can do with other genealogy programs without reading lengthy manuals. You can add people and events, photos, videos and documents and manage all your dates.

BRANCHES also has a Google-like search capability that allows you to search your entire data base for names, places and even text in notes and then highlight the individuals in the main pedigree.

The program cost $39.95 one time fee. There is also a 30-day free trial of the full version for those who would like to try it out before they buy. For more information go to the website:

The discussion began with the following article: Find the Answers You Seek in Your Ancestors' Stories:

Prophets and Apostles have reiterated the importance of learning about our ancestors - not just the few vital statistics needed for temple ordinances, but their stories - how they lived - what they did and the lessons they left for us.

Sometimes we see this as 'busy work,' something to do some day, when we have lots of time
(and resources) - nothing that applies to us now. After all, our ancestors lived in a time much different than ours. They didn't have microwaves, the Internet, cell phones, Costco, t-ball, soccer, and all the other things that complicate our lives. We don't have anything common with them, do we! They can't teach us anything that applies to our lives - right? WRONG!

Our ancestors dealt with the same major challenges we face today. Although the tools were different, our ancestors dealt with the same basic problems we face:

Making a living and providing for the family.
Relationships - getting along, especially with different generations.
Serious health challenges.
What will bring me the most happiness?
Do I break away, follow my dreams, or do what is expected of me, even if my heart isn't in it?
Unbearable sadness and sorrow, such as the loss of dear family members.
Feeling overwhelmed by great challenges or adversity.
Feeling misunderstood or undervalued by those closest to us.
Finding time to do all the things expected of us when we are so busy (and so tired).

We have the same genes (and maybe some of the same tendencies) as our ancestors. Although they didn't have our technology, their biggest problems were probably very similar to ours. Their stories give us a chance to learn from them - without going through all the pain ourselves. Their lives are case studies of the results of the choices they made. There are undoubtedly things they would do differently if they could start over. They can't - but you can!

THANKS to June and those who participated with questions, answers and comments.

The group was small which led to a more intimate atmosphere wherein there was more member participation.

The meeting ended and everyone enjoyed a cookie and a drink where there was visiting with more Q & A.

A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Fran Lightner for conducting the meeting and bringing cookies. To June Morton for presenting the class and also bringing cookies and drinks. To Marilyn Rohrer as our Greeter, and to Curt Rohrer for helping out with the set-up today.

Closing Prayer was given by Fran Lightner.

Filed by: June Morton - Recording Secretary