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Saturday,October 16, 2020

Morningside Stake Center on 9th South and River Road
Member Meeting
16 October 2010
GREETERS: .....Helen Lenz
WELCOME: ..... Connie Stewart
Connie welcomed all in attendance, with a special welcome to the visitors.
OPENING PRAYER: .....Margaret Miller
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Remember the great genealogical programs which are available on TV.
· “Who Do You Think You Are” on NBC TV. All previous programs can be viewed at:
· “Generations Project which can be viewed on BYUTV. Check on line for when available with yourcable network ...
· The St. George Family History Center is holding an Open House on Saturday, 30th of October 10:00am to 4:00 pm. Everyone is invited to visit, see the renovations and enjoy a treat.
• The User Group Blog and WebSite addresses to all in attendance with the suggestion to log on and view the sites.
• Sterling Davis is 91 years young today and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. He has been attending our user group since it's inception about 20 years ago.
Julie Bliss Hammons our presenter today is a Millard County native who moved to St. George a little over a year ago. She has been a Stake Family History Director, and has traveled and taught genealogy research classes at conferences and for Genealogy Societies. She also wrote a genealogy newspaper column before moving to St. George about a year and a half ago. She currently teaches classes at the St. George
FHC, the Ivin’s Stake, and other places when she is asked.
Julie is on the PAF UG Board and is currently serving as a Family History Service Missionary at the St. George FHC, and serves as a Stake Family History Consultant to the Young Singles Adult 1st Stake.
She put up her 1st website ‘Relative Bliss’ a number of years ago and success that came from it has kept her focused on technology and how it can help you in your research.
She will show you how to use the new technologies, and tools that are available to you to accomplish your genealogy goals. She will also show you the new features that are now in FamilySearch, and available to everyone, to help you find success with your genealogy.
PRESENTATION: .....Julie Hammons
Julie followed her handout as listed below and reveiewed the social network sites, with her stories of successes. She them took us through all the new and interesting items on FamilySearch and it's wiki.
Social Networking 2010 – Podcasts, Wikis, Blogs, Facebook, FamilySearch
Terminology Define Where to find one
Message Board A place to post a message [free]
Mailing List A group of people who have an interest is a
particular surname/locality. Each email or question
is shared with all members of the mailing list [free]
Blog An online news column generally about a specific
subject. One person manages the blog, however,
often those who read it may offer comments. [to start your own free blog] [to locate a free genealogy blog]
Podcast An audio file [think of a radio program] that you
can subscribe to, download onto your computer
using a free service such as Itunes. You can put
these on an mp3 player such as an Ipod. You can
listen to these whenever you have time. [to find a
free genealogy related podcast] [to download itunes free]
RSS Feeds Really Simple Syndication [Subscription] Installs a
link between the file you want to subscribe to and you.
Wiki What I Know Is - A website that allows creation
and editing by members of the site. Allows people
to pool their knowledge to the benefit of all.
Social Networking Benefits
You can connect with people you would never be able to under normal circumstances.
You can find people interested in your family history, or they can find you.
You can subscribe to online magazines and newsletters, and even blogs
You can keep up on events that are of interest to you, without having to search for them.
Some Sites with Social Networking Capabilities
 Find a Grave
 Footnote
 Facebook
 Twitter
 Genealogy Wise
 Google Docs [need to have a free google account
 Genealogy Wise A site for genealogists
Facebook - Many online sites now allow you to link to facebook and post messages
 Free - go to
 Register for a free account - you will be asked for some information - you can decide which information
you want others to see.
 Write down what your password.
 Basics are on the top right there are three tabs.
 Account Tab – This is where you set your privacy settings. Set options for what you want others
to see – Everyone - Friends of Friends - or Friends only.
 Profile Tab gives the information you want others to see, and the messages that have been sent
to only you.
 It also shows in the left column your list of friends. You can post a message to them, by clicking on
their photo and either writing on their ‘wall’ which all their friends can see, or you may send them a
private message.
 Home Tab shows the home page is divided into three columns
- Left column shows request, messages and notifications, and allows you to be visible online
where you can chat with friends.
- Middle column is the news feed where you see messages that have been posted by your friends.
You can comment on these or post your own message.
- If you see a message you don’t like to can hide it, or hide the person who
sent it.
- Right column shows events, advertising, suggestions for friends, requests etc.
 Help Center
The presentation on the Beta FamilySearch site was MORE than informative ….. Who Knew there
was so much information available to us. It is, for one thing, a learning center .. a place to locate
and research your area of interest.
CLOSING PRAYER: .....Lena Jones
Prize Winners:
Curt Rohrer, Roseann Zempter, Gaylie Morehead, and Gatha Wilson
October is Family History Month and it was celebrated in our group today. Many of the members brought family memorabilia and personal treasures and shared with all a little of their history. AND then we all enjoyed a treat!
A Great Way to Celebrate Family History Month!
Total Attendance: 37
Filed by: June Morton – Recording Secretary