Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 has brought changes to our group


Washington County PAF Users Group is now doing business as - Southern Utah Family History & Genealogy Group

When I first joined the WC-PAF Users Group Board, 5 ½ years ago, one of the agenda items was what to do with the PAF part of our name. Not just us here in St. George, but all PAF Users Groups.

That was about the time that at least three new genealogy software programs were getting ready to be put on the market. RootsMagic, Ancestral Quest and Legacy.

Some discussion was held on what would happen to PAF – would it be around, or not. Most expected it to continue to be a part of genealogy software, but not sure if keeping PAF Users Group in a group name would be good.

Part of the discussion has always had two areas - First – many who have not been involved in family history/genealogy have no idea what a PAF is. We would lose their interest before they even knew exactly what our group was. Or, knew what PAF was, but are no longer using it and saw no reason to come to our meetings.
Second – keeping PAF in the name did not let others know that ‘we’re not just PAF anymore’. We’re research: using all of the current software: using our computers, and keeping them safe: using the internet: organizing our files: writing personal histories: and any other subjects that are needed by our members.

Discussion has been held on this right up to 2011.

Now, almost 6-years later we all know of the many changes that have been made. With multiple programs available it seems hard to know where to go with a name change. Other PAF Users Groups have had the same discussions.

After much discussion, and wondering what to do, our Board made a decision. That decision was to keep the original, Washington County PAF Users Group, but to have a ‘doing business as’ (dba).

The dba that was chosen is 'Southern Utah Family History & Genealogy Group’ We are in the process of making the many changes on our brochures, newsletter, web site and blogspot. Putting out that we are a family history and genealogy group.

Our intent to educate in all areas of doing family history remains the same.

Our meeting location and our dba name have changed, our classes and meetings will continue on as they have for so many years.

Thank You for your membership and support!

President Fran Lightner