Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Saturday, February 18, 2011 Meeting

Souther Utah Family History & Genealogy Group -
St. George East Stake Building
449 South 300 East, St. George, UT Saturday, February 19, 2011
GREETERS: Marilyn Rohrer & Wilma Staton
Welcome: Fran Lightner – 10:00 am
ºWelcome was extended to all members and visitors.ºFran explained our need to use the smaller, Young Women’s Rooom, as there was a funeral being held in the Relief Society Room. Apologized for the inconvience to the members.
ºFran told the group we were having a booth at the St. George Family History Expo on the 25th and 26th, Friday and Saturday. Hoping their were members who would volunteer to man the booth.
ºOur group is in need of a Publicity Chairperson. If you are interested, please check with Fran after the meeting.
U Don Snow mentioned that the Church History Newspaper had an article about the Roots Tech Conference and encouraged all to read the article. RootsTech was not the ordinary type of conference. It was an interactive presentation between the presenter and attendees.
Don Noted his classes being held at the Morningside Stake Center were going well and handed out his list of forthcoming classes. Those remaining are:
02 March 2011 – Filling Out the Family: Censuses in Family History
16 March 2-11 – Great Grandpa was a Mormon: LDS and Utah Records
Family History Center Intro:
The Hurricane Family History was scheduled but unable to attend.
Helen Lenz, instead, gave a short presentation on what a microfiche was and stated that most FHC’s had them.
PRESENTERS: Robert and Elaine Booth
Bob and Elaine Booth are the Directors of the Family History Center. They have been members of our group for years and presenters on many occasions. And when we have projector and/or computer problems Bob is the first one to get a call and he responds quickly and fixes the problems. Elaine noted that she became interested in Family History at the age of 15 year, before joining the church. Bob became interest when he met Elaine, at the age of 16 year. As young married Elaine and Bob served in the Peace Corp in Brazil and other South American countries. During this time with Peace Corp. Is when they were introduced to the Gospel.
After returning to the US they became professional students for a time until Bob finally found a subject that he was interested in., it took a BS and two Masters to get there but he finally found his niche ... Computer Science. Bob worked for the Family History Department of the Church for 20 years before retiring 12 years ago. After moving to St. George they were still involved in Family History by helping others and creating their business, CSG, Computer Science, which is now been laid to rest because of their call to become Directors of the St. George Family History Center
Bob Booth’s presentation focused on .... some changes and different methods of use. He began with outlining the information from New.FamilySearch.
New FamilySearch Website ( February 2011
New Features as of December 2010
The December 2010 release has many improvements. Among these are the ability to watch individuals, receive e-mail notifications when changes occur, and some temple-related changes.
Receive E-mail Notifications for Changes
You can now “watch” individuals in your family tree and receive an e-mail notification when information about them changes.
For now, the notification identifies the following types of changes:
* Someone changes the individual’s summary.
* Someone starts a new discussion or adds a comment to an existing discussion. * Someone combines an individual that you are watching with another record. * Someone separates a record from an individual that you are watching.
The notification e-mail will eventually list more types of changes.
Select the Individuals in a Family Whose Ordinances You Want to Do
When you reserve the ordinances for a family, you can now deselect any family member whose ordinances you do not want to do.
Reserve Ordinances for Someone Born in the Last 95 Years
If you try to reserve ordinances for someone who was born in the last 95 years, the system now asks whether you are the closest living relative or have permission from the closest living relative to do the ordinances.
Note: The closest living relatives are, in this order:
* An undivorced spouse. (The spouse to whom the individual was married when he or she died.) * An adult child. * A parent. * A brother or sister.
If you need to obtain permission to do ordinances, verbal approval is acceptable. Family members should work together to determine when the ordinances will be done and who will do them.
Please honor the wishes of the closest living relative. Doing ordinances against those wishes can cause hard feelings within families and towards the Church.
Increased Size Limit for Discussions
In the previous version of the system, discussions and comments could contain up to 1,000 characters (500 for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). The size limit has increased to 4,000 characters (2,000 for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean).
Internet Explorer 6
Support for Internet Explorer 6 has been discontinued.
You can use the new FamilySearch website on several browsers and operating systems. For best results, use one of these combinations:BROWSER Operating Systems
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and
newer * Windows XP (Home and Professional SP3 and newer)
* Windows Vista (32-bit)
* Windows 7
Firefox 3.0 and newer * Windows XP (Home and Professional SP3 and newer)
* Windows Vista (32-bit)
* Windows 7
Safari 3.12A Mac OS X (10.5.6 and newer)
Note: Support for Macintosh and Safari is limited. If Safari
does not work well, try using Firefox instead

You can use other browsers and operating systems, though some features may not work as well.
Corrections and Additions to the User’s Guide
This document summaries the changes made to the new FamilySearch website for the December 2010 release.
A User’s Guide to the New FamilySearch Website (December 2010) explains the changes in detail. These Changes are marked with blue arrows like the following:
The most significant changes occurred in the following chapters:
Chapter 1, “Introduction to the New FamilySearch Website” Chapter 4, “Correcting Information That Is Already in the System” Chapter 5, “Working with Others Users” Chapter 8, “Performing Temple Ordinances for Your Ancestors”
At the conclusion of this review, Bob outlines the following:
What you should do now
• Register on new FamilySearch
• Keep your best information at home
• Clean up your genealogy database
• Scan your documents
• Check Ordinances
Access new FamilySearch
• Directly in new FamilySearch ) OR
• From home genealogy software )
• Check ordinances
• Correct localities
• Upload new data
• Download new data
*Upload sources and scanned documents
At the conclusion of the presentation, Bob noted the description of classes being held at the St. George Family History Center located at 410 So. 200 East - St. George
Classes at the FHC
● New FamilySearch
● PAF and Family Insight
● Ancestral Quest
● Legacy Family Tree
● Root Magic
● Comparative Features of Home-Based Genealogy Software
● Records Organization
● Scanning
● Photo Editing
For a list of all the classes being held go to:
Members Attending: 33 Visitors 6