Friday, January 13, 2012

Annual Saturday Meeting 12-17-2011

(Washington County PAF User Group)

St. George East Stake Building
449 South 300 East, St. George, UT
Saturday, December 17, 2011

GREETER: Sandra Bryant

WELCOME: Marilyn Rohrer - 10:00 am


Welcome was extended to all members and visitors.

Several announces were made which included:
→Don Snow’s classes for the remainder of the year were announced.
Printed schedules available from Don.
Wed 04 Jan 2012 -- Your Questions (Please give us your genealogy
and technology questions in advance, if possible)
• Wed 18 Jan 2012 -- Picasa and Other Freeware to Work with Photos
• Wed 01 Feb 2012 -- Descendancy Research
• Wed 22 Feb 2012 -- Search Tools: Desktop and Online

Pat Foster announced that next years dues will be $12.00 per household per year. There will be no more newsletters to be mailed, USPS, they will all be send via email. Dues are due by February 1, 2012 to receive further copies of the newsletter. See Pat for an Application/Renewal form.

The question was asked, from the audience, if our group was going to participate in the St. George Heritage Fair being held next month. This will be looked into by the board.

The names of nominees were read and seconded; there were no further nominations from the floor.
The voting was unanimous in favor of the nominees.

The Officers and Board Members of the Southern Utah Family History & Genealogy Group for the year 2012 are as follows:

President: Bob Kroff Vice-President: Fran Lightner
Secretary: Sandra Bryant Treasurer & Membership: Pat Foster
Publicity: Wilma Stratton Greeters: Sandra Bryant and Helen Lenz
Newsletter: Julie Hammons Correspondence Secretary: June Morton
Set-Up: Curt Rohrer WebMaster: Russ Bateman

Board Members-At-Large: Don Snow, Lida Larkin, Max Turpin, Marilyn Rohr
At this point the Conducting of the Meeting was turned over to the new President Bob Kroff

Prize Drawing was held.


Russ showed a video of the story of David and Willi Cannon. It was from the old Death Valley Days TV program. The story was entitled ” Sago Lillies”. It was the story of the original settlers of St. George. This was fitting end to our year of learning about the history of St. George.

Bob Kroff, our new President, spoke about the up-coming year.
He has chosen a theme of “Moving Ahead”. He wants the year to be a year of learning new skills and moving further into the technical world. He announced that January’s presentation would be on the original Uncle Verl video and self publishing.

Great treats and goodies were enjoyed by all.



2011 Christmas Gift List
Flash Drive Helen Lenz
Staples $10.00 Gift Certificate Julie Hammons
Fairway Grill $20.00 Gift Certificate Bob Kroff
Barnes and Noble $10.00 Gift Card Curt Rohrer
Applebee's 2 for $20.00 Gift Certificate LaNell Ehrheart
WalMart $10.00 Gift Card Connie Hatch
See's Candy $10.00 Gift Card Lola Crowley
Office Max $10.00 Gift Card Russ Bateman
Red Robin $10.00 Gift Card Pat Foster
Flash Drive Jo Covington
Box of 'Cutie” Tangerines Don Snow
In-n-Out $5.00 Gift Card Sandra Byrant
Staples $10.00 Gift Card Sandra Nagy
WalMart $10.00 Gift Card Reta Adams
Fairway Grill $10.00 Gift Card Mary Alice Hansen
Turkey from Albertson Pat Miller
Office Max $10.00 Gift Card Sharon Jewkes
Red Robin $10.00 Gift Card Irvin Wright
Flash Drive Marlene Stewart
Garden Sprout $25.00 Gift Certificate Gordon Stewart
In-n-Out $5.00 Gift Card Max Turpin
Ham from Albertson Paul Covington