Friday, January 13, 2012

January 2012 - Newsletter - 1st page

Family History/Genealogy
Newsletter Vol. 3 #1- January 2012
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Southern Utah Family History and Genealogy Group
In This Issue
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-p2 News on the 1940 Census
-p2 Welcome New Board
-p3 in 2012
-p3 FamilySearch News
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January Meeting
Our first meeting of
2012 will be held
Saturday 21st at 10
am. at the East Stake
Center -- 449 South
300 East, St. George
The presenters will
be brothers Robert
and Joel Kroff who
will give their original
presentation of the
“Uncle Verl” story. They have presented Verls’ story
to many local interest groups, but the original
presentation always sparks a renewed interest in
leaving a legacy of our own. The second half of the
presentation will be a demonstration of the “Kroff
Family Publications”, which started with the story of
Uncle Verl and has opened up their self-publishing
Dues are Due
Pat Foster announced that next year’s dues will be
$12.00 per household per year, and are due by
February 1, 2012. If your dues are not paid by then
will no longer receive copies of the newsletter, until
your membership is paid. See Pat Foster for an
Application/Renewal form.
Robert is a retired teacher/administrator and is
presently President of the Southern Utah Family
History & Genealogy Group. He has a special
interest in personal family histories.
Joel is a member of Toastmasters International,
recently earning the title of Distinguished
Toastmaster in St. George.
Robert & Joel enjoy bringing their sense of humor
and interest in family history with the hope that it
creates a motivation for each of us to “tell our own
You will notice some slight changes to the newsletter this year. The newsletter now will vary between 4-8 pages,
expanding or contracting dependent on the amount of news. You should check our other ways of getting
information and contacting the membership by going to our webpage, facebook or blog.
News happens so quickly these days that often, by the time it gets into the
newsletter, it really isn’t ‘news’ anymore. When you subscribe to the Blog
you will receive a notice when new content has been added. As we use our
Blog and Facebook more, we will be able to be kept up-to-date on family
history happenings.
Handouts for our meetings will be found on our Webpage. If you miss a
meeting you should check there for copies of the handouts .